Thursday, 4 December 2014

Good Morning everyone, yesterday I went to a place called Science Works. it had all the science stuff you could think of, even a new type of car. I learned about stars and planets. I saw a show about lightening, it was really cool. And we went down into the under water sea.

This is an angler fish that lives down in the deepest darkest ocean, it even has alight to see and attract 
food. Don't touch this one, you might not make it back!

                                                                       Our world
 This is one of the first deep water tanks that a man went down to the bottom of the sea.

This rock was struck by lightening and now it is magnetic and moves a compass

                                               Here is your new space ship room 8
 I was running to beat the computer as it lights up the lady running, I was fast!
This is my skeleton and it moves when I do.

By Mazzlin


  1. I really like the statue of the piranah. From Joel.
    You must be having a really great holiday. from Sequoia.
    Did you get first in the running race did you beat the computer by Alex

    1. I did beat the computer but it took a few times😉:)