Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hi room 8

My sister Lydia had a detached retina and had to go home quickly to have it sewn back on, it is in her eye.

I'm staying with my cousins and we went swimming and shopping today. I'm sleeping in my cousin Parker's room.
It has been stormy and hot here almost every day. Its as hot as lava!
I went to pick up my cousins from their school called Baldface. It is a funny name. They had chickens at the school and the kids put them back in the cage at the end of the day.
We went to the beach and played with the sand. It is tan coloured sand, it felt smooth. the water was cold like ice. The sand was hard to get off me. 
I've been missing you guys and Miss Hale so much to the moon and back.

by Mazzlin
p.s Lydia is getting better.


  1. Hey Mazzlin. We are so sorry to hear about Lydia. That must be really painful. We hope she continues to get better. We love your writing. I love how you have used similes to describe the weather and water temperature. We understood what it must have felt like. What a crazy name for a school. But, it sounds like a neat school to have chickens. Do they have other animals there?
    From Ms Hale and Room 8
    PS We miss you too.

  2. i am sorry to hope she feels shakshi.