Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hi room 8,
Today I went to the Opera House, it was large like Mount Taranaki. It was raining and I had to wear a rain coat like a balloon.
There were three ferry boats, one small one and two big ones and they were swimming in the cold cold water around the Opera house.
I saw the Harbor bridge and people were climbing up it. It was big like a dinosaur, I think the people who went up there, their view would look amazing.

By Mazzlin


  1. Hey Mazzlin! Did you know Ms Hale has photos of her by the Opera house too. Did you look funny in that raincoat? It sounds like it. Ms Hale thought about making the class draw pictures of what they thought that must look like. he he he We are glad you are having a great time. Keep writing to us. It is so cool to see what you are up to.
    From Room 8