Saturday, 6 December 2014

Yippee I went and saw the koalas and Wallaby's yesterday and the parade of the little penguins. The koalas were cute and I saw a big fat one eating and calling for a female.

 This koala was sitting on the ground cooling off and getting a drink of water. He looked embarrassed sitting there by himself and everyone was taking photos of him.
 This is a baby Koala that has just been born. He's only 1cm big, as big as a jelly bean.
This  is a little penguin chick. He is waiting for his mum or dad to come in with food.
They come in around dusk to dark so no one will eat them.

We went on a long bus drive to get there. On the way home we watched a movie called Surfs Up so we wouldn't get bored on the way back.

by Mazzlin


  1. Yes the baby koala looks like a jelly bean! By Joel
    I like the simile that you wrote about the baby koala being the size of a jelly bean because it helped me to realise how big it was. By Anika.
    I like the baby koala because it was cute. By Madison
    I like what you have put on the blog. By Nathanial.

    Great work Mazzlin. Keep it up. We are loving reading your blog and finding out what adventures you have been up to. From Room 8. :-)